We are SQRWL!


SQWRL! is a "Desert Rock" band from Tucson, AZ known for compositions that include three guitars, sax, and keys blending alternative rock, power ballads, and arena rock. "Desert Rock bands" are known to contain elements of psychedelia, blues, alternative rock, grunge, heavy metal, hardcore punk, and other genres, often featuring distinctive repetitive drum beats, a propensity for free-form jamming, and "trance-like" or "sludgy" grooves.


All songs are written by the band and recorded at an inspiring warehouse in downtown Tucson.


Lead Vocals, Guitar / Jim Kloster
Lead Guitar, Vocals / Tony Whitaker
Keyboards, Vocals / Dr. Christian Moher
Drums / Michael Deitch
Sax / Zach Corvera
Bass / Mike Ion
Rhythm Guitar, Percussion / Fletcher McCusker